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Finding the Right String Saver SaddleUpdated 3 days ago

First you will need to determine what type of String Saver you need.

6 different categories:

  • SS Originals for guitar
  • SS Originals for bass
  • SS Originals for tune-o-matics
  • SS Classic for guitar
  • SS Classic for Floyd Rose
  • SS complete bridge assemblies 

Strat-style saddles

Determine the proper string spacing, design & intonation screw position

  • The 8000-00 are the more common 2 1/16” spacing and are usually a great fit for most modern Fender style Tremolos.
  • The 8000-F0 (Just remember F for Fat) is what you’ll need for the wider, “vintage” 2 3/16” String spaced Fender style Tremolos.

Tune-o-matic bridges 

Check the correlation chart to clarify what is right fit for the majority of TOM bridges on the market.

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