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Ghost - Different Schematics for Different FolksUpdated 6 days ago

Here at Graph Tech we pride ourselves in coming up with products that do what we say they will do, and offer a real improvement to our customers instruments. Like when we take our already very popular String Saver material and encapsulate our own (custom designed) piezo pickups into it, to create the platform for our ghost systems.

As guitar players we all know it is never really functional or efficient (especially during an onstage performance) to be going between instruments to achieve both acoustic and electric textures from 1 player, now you can do this in one instrument (Acousti-Phonic). Or when a guitar player wants to create different musical textures from his native instrument (Hexpander) But therein lies a new do we know we have configured the system to run efficiently for you , the individual.

What if your guitar has active pickups and you want to power them, and our system from the same battery?

What happens when you are playing an important gig and don't trust the battery you are stuck with? How do you avoid losing your magnetic pickups as well as the piezos?

What do you do when you don't want to use a "Y" cable, but instead have acoustic sound from one jack and magnetics from another?

What if you just want to have a nice visual of where everything connects?

As musicians, we all have different needs, so the Graph Tech team has created a list of approved alternate schematics (as well as suggested ones) easily accessed from the “knowledge base” section of our website.

Here is a link:

Custom Wiring Diagrams Page

We'll change the way you play!

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