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Ghost Acousti-Phonic - What does it sound like?Updated 6 days ago

If you've ever wondered about the sound of the ghost Acousti-phonic, which allows your electric guitar to sound like an natural, authentic acoustic guitar (not MIDI), here's a Brandauer band from Spain, using only the Acousti-phonic to play the acoustic parts for their entire album recorded in studio.

Gabriel of Brandauer says: "I have fully confidende in your company and in your products and I'm totally convince that what failed was me, installing the Quickswitch. Like I told you I have your system installed in all my guitars. And whenever I got a gig everybody wonders who's playing the acoustic guitar just with a powertrio on stage and just one guy playing an electric guitar. I got a lot of answers after the shows about the piezo. And I always recomend it. So, don't worry my trust in your company is as loyal as the first day.

You can hear their new album on Sound Cloud.

The Acousti-phonic adds realistic, acoustic sound to your electric guitar or bass, without altering your mag pickups. You can use mag and acoustic sounds one at a time, or blended together for an enhanced electric effect.

Key benefits of the ghost Acousti-Phonic:

  • Natural Acoustic Sound
  • Automatic Mono/Stereo Switching
  • On-board Controls
  • Unparalleled fast tracking
  • Amplify or record directly

Click here for the technical overview.

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