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How to Measure a Guitar Nut and SaddleUpdated 6 days ago

At Graph Tech, we offer over 250 different nut and saddle styles and sizes along with complete customization options for our OEM manufacturers. With so many options, it can get very confusing when it comes to ordering the correct part for your guitar.

To ensure that you get the most accurate fit, knowing how to measure the part and measuring correctly will greatly reduce errors.

Which one is the length? Which one is the height? At which point do you measure? These handy nut and saddle measuring guides have helped a lot of our customers get the best fit for their nuts and saddles.

Remember, for nuts, the most important measurement is the E to E spacing (center to center of each nut slot) . You want to get that one pretty close remember 1 mm out is .5 mm on each side.. so it's ok to be close but not exact. For saddles, the most important measurement is the height. You want to get that one as close as possible without being too small - slightly larger is okay. All other measurements can be slightly bigger and finely adjusted with sandpaper.

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