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If a string starts breaking using String Saver SaddlesUpdated 9 days ago

A string breaks because o stress on a specific point of the string. Metal (saddle) to Metal (strings) is "sticky" and locks the string into position, resulting in metal fatigue and the string breaking. String Saver Saddle have Teflon impregnated throughout the entire saddle, which gives the string a microscopic bit of play, enough to spread the stress point over more of the string and results in much longer string life. What can happen on a String Saver, as in any saddle, is a groove will form that will lock the string in place (grooves can also form that will not affect string breakage, it depends on the guitar setup and angle) and put stress on a specific point on the string causing metal fatigue. You just need to sand the groove out with a piece of fine sandpaper (600 grit), try to keep to the original shape, and definitely no "V" grooves. The material is not a coating but the same throughout the saddle, so you are playing on brand-new material. This should solve your problem immediately.

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