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LB63 Specs and Technical InformationUpdated 6 days ago

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Although our locking tremolos (and their saddles) are designed in conjunction with Floyd Rose Original bridges, they are still compatible with many other locking tremolo designs on the market. It is always the best policy to cross-reference our complete dimensions against your stock parts to ensure an accurate fit.

Graph Tech GHOST LB63 Locking Bridge

The LB63 is a drop-in replacement for most Original and Licensed Floyd Rose bridges. In most instances, installation is straightforward. However, on some guitars, the geometry of the guitar is such that the LB63 saddles can't be moved far enough back to intonate properly. This depends on where the guitar builder chose to locate the posts for the original bridge.

To check if your guitar is likely to encounter this problem when installing an LB63, before you order, remove your strings and check that your saddles can be adjusted to make each string 1/8" longer than it is when correctly intonated. This will approximate the position of the LB63 saddles.

If your saddles cannot be moved back 1/8" because they strike the back of the bridge, this indicates that your guitar may require additional work to install the LB63. You may have to remove the posts from the body, fill the holes, and redrill them 1/8" further from the fingerboard.

This 1/8" difference in the position of the LB63 saddles is due to changes we made to accommodate the piezo pickups, which are not present in the original Floyd Rose design.

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