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Resomax Tune-o-Matic Bridges & Epiphone Guitars (mid 90's)Updated 9 days ago

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Although our 6mm Resomax TOM bridges are a direct retrofit for most Epiphone instruments on the market, we have found a specific era of instruments (built in the Samick manufacturing plant) with unusually narrow post & string spacing. The serial number on all of these models should start with the letter "S." As always; we recommend comparing the dimensions of your stock parts to our listed dimensions to ensure compatibility.

ItemPost SpacingString SpacingradiusThread
4mm post
2 29/32"2 1/16"12"M5 x 0.8 4h
6mm post
2 29/32"2 1/16"12"M8 x 1.25
3 1/4"NA12"M8 x 1.25
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