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What is Black TUSQ XL?

Black TUSQ XL is a proprietary material precision-engineered, which under high pressure and heat. It is impregnated with PTFE throughout so it reduces the friction between the nut material and the string.  It is specifically formulated to deliver the

Can I modify Black TUSQ XL to fit my guitar?

Due to Black TUSQ XL’s consistency it is extremely easy to work with.  You can easily modify it with fine grit sandpaper or other commonly used shaping tools.

How is Black TUSQ XL different than any other material (bone, micarta, and corian) used in saddles in nuts?

Black TUSQ XL is a very resonant material.  This resonance alone will give you a full and deep sound that will amplify your tone to a new level.  Secondly, it's a consistent material, allowing every note you play to sound just as clear and full as th