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How will this help me reduce string breakage?

As the strings move along the U.L.F. saddle or the String Saver saddles, they will not bind due to the slippery nature of the saddles resulting is less stress on the strings.

What is the difference between String Saver Saddles and TUSQ saddles?

The major difference is that string savers are impregnated with PTFE.  Since PTFE is 500% slipperier than graphite, it eases the grip of the saddle on the string, virtually eliminating string breakage.  You will also notice a slight mid-range boost o

What is the difference between String Saver Originals and String Saver Classics?

String Saver Originals are made completely from our String Saver material, whereas String Saver Classics are a steel saddle with a small insert of the String Saver material where the string hits the saddle.  String Saver Classics will retain the look

Can I modify String Saver Originals for my guitar?

Due to the consistency of our String Saver Originals, it is extremely easy to work with.  You can easily modify it with fine-grit sandpaper or other commonly used shaping tools.  If we make a saddle close to what you need and you want to make the sad

How do i know what saddle to use for my tune-o-matic bridge?

The best way to find what saddle will work on your bridge, check all the markings form the underside of your bridge and see our fit chart for the saddle that will fit.  If your bridge is not listed, we do not have a saddle that will work.

What are ResoMax bridges made out of?

ResoMax is made from a light proprietary alloy, equivalent to aluminum, that is as strong as steel. The ResoMax bridge will increase sustain and improve the tone of your guitar.  We have three different bridges available, the ResoMax NVS, the ResoMax

How will this light weight bridge benefit me?

A steel bridge mounted to your guitar will absorb many of the frequencies, letting your strings are resonating at.  This will take away from the tone and sustain. With a light weight bridge you are opening up a passage way, linking your strings with

What is the autolock locking feature?

The autolock is a magnetically locking feature that secures at all times your bridge or tailpiece at all times without tools to use or lose, making restringing simple and quick.

Will the autolock magnets interfere with my regular pickups?

No, the magnets are small enough that they will not affect your guitar's regular pickups.  They are designed to secure the bridge and tailpiece to the posts.

What is the difference between NVS, NV1 and NV2?

The difference between our three different ResoMax bridges are the saddles that come installed. The NVS comes equipped with U.L.F. (Ultra Low Friction) saddles.  The NV1 comes equipped with ResoMax saddles, and the NV2 is equipped with String Saver S

What are the U.L.F saddles made from?

The U.L.F (Ultra Low Friction) saddles are made from the ResoMax light weight alloy and then thermal coated with our U.L.F. coating which is extremely hard and slippery.  This results in reduced string breakage, improved tuning stability, and the 2KH

Will the U.L.F. coating wear off?

We have tested our U.L.F. saddles under numerous conditions, and the coating has not worn off yet.  Like anything in the world, it is possible so if this happens please contact us and let us know.

Will the ResoMax tailpiece benefit me?

Our ResoMax Tailpieces are made from the same lightweight, high strength material as our bridges so it will have same improvements as our ResoMax bridges.  It will increase sustain and improve the tone of your guitar.

How easy is it to install a ResoMax bridge?

Our ResoMax bridges serve as a drop in replacement for any 4mm or 6mm posts already mounted on your guitar, making for an easy instillation.  Already loaded with our String Saver saddles this will really save you the hassle of fiddling with tiny spri

How to install a Resomax tune-o-matic Bridge

What are the String Saver saddles made out of?

ResoMax NV2 is loaded with our String Saver saddles. Providing a balanced tone will allow your string to ring at a steadier rate and play better in harmony. You will also notice more body in your tone as String Saver saddles really bring out those mi

What's PTFE?

PTFE is a fluorocarbon polymer with slippery, not sticking properties.  It can be found in both our Black TUSQ XL nuts and our String Saver saddles.  PTFE is 500% slipperier than Graphite.

Will the PTFE wear off the saddles?

PTFE is impregnated throughout our saddles, so its lubricating properties will never wear out.

How will this help me reduce string breakage?

As the strings move along the U.L.F. saddle or the String Saver saddles, they will not bind due to the slippery nature of the saddles resulting is less stress on the strings.

What if the strings dig in to the String Saver saddles?

Since our saddles are impregnated (not coated) with PTFE, if you notice your guitar strings digging into the material or any other imperfections, you can easily take some sand paper, sand the notch or groove out and it's like working with a new saddl

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